Chemical Webinar

Comprehensive Training on K-REACH for Foreign Industry

Time : 18 April 2019
Location : Frankfurt
Lang. : English
Cost : 300 Euros per delegate (+VAT if applicable)

Comprehensive Training on K-REACH for Foreign Industry, led by Junho Lee of CIRS Group Korea, is to be scheduled on 18 April 2019. This course aims to provide deeper understanding of K-REACH and practical guidance for foreign industry that needs to comply with K-REACH. Industry will also learn what needs to be prepared and how it can be prepared for direct and indirect importations of chemical substances into Korea.

  • Date: 18th April 2019
  • Time: 10:30 – 16:30 (5 hrs.)
  • Venue: Bristol Hotel, Room “Manhattan”, Ludwigstrasse 15, Frankfurt, HE, 60327, Germany (0.5km from Frankfurt Main Station)
  • Trainers: 2
  • Attendants: max 20

Chemical Webinar

Introduction and Analysis of China's Chemical Management Trends

Time : 18 April 2019
Location : China
Lang. : EN, JP, CN
Cost : Free

On January 8, 2019, China Ministry of Ecology and Environment (MEE) published the draft Regulations on Chemical Substances Environmental Risk Assessment and Control for public comments. The draft New Regulation intends to govern the environmental risk assessment and control of any chemical substance. It is the very first piece of chemical control legislation proposed by the MEE. In addition, the draft New Regulation reveals several key changes which might be brought into China new substances management regime. Therefore, any company that is manufacturing, processing and using, importing and exporting chemicals in and from China will be influenced by the draft New Regulation in the future.

This webinar will help enterprise to better understand the risk assessment and risk management of chemical substances to be established based on this Regulation, and to get fully prepared for taking effective measures to prevent and control chemical substances such as PBT or vPvB chemicals.

Chemical Webinar

K-REACH Serials Webinar - Free Tickets to Know the Amended K-REACH

Time : 12 April 2019
Location : Korea
Lang. : English, Chinese, Japanese
Cost : Free
The Act on the Registration and Evaluation of Chemicals (known as Korea REACH) passed the plenary session of the National Assembly in Korea on April 30, 2013 and has come into force on Jan 1, 2015. Dec. 2016, the Ministry of Environment (MoE) started to revise the K-REACH and the amended K-REACH came into force officially from 1 Jan. 2019. With the implementation of amended K-REACH, enterprises’ obligations under this Act would be changed tremendously. For instance, the amended K-REACH introduced pre-registration, which would affect the regulatory compliance work of related enterprises.

In order to help foreign enterprises have a better understanding of K-REACH, CIRS is to present this K-REACH serials webinar to share valuable information about K-REACH registration.
Chemical Webinar

Impact of Brexit on REACH compliance and Countermeasure Proposals

Time : 15 January 2019
Location : Ireland
Lang. : English
Cost : Free
The United Kingdom will leave the EU from 30 March 2019 at 00:00h (CET) with or without a deal. In the event with a deal, a transition period will exist until 1 January 2021 and EU law will stop applying to the UK at the end of transition period. However, if there is no Brexit deal, EU law will cease to apply to the UK as of 30 March 2019.UK-based companies may have an eager into knowing what will happen to your company if the UK is out of the scope of REACH. In fact, the UK Government is thinking to issue a UK-REACH regulation to manage chemicals placed in the UK market. For those non-UK based enterprises who having trade relationship with UK-based companies, we strongly suggest you identify your role under the possible UK-REACH regulation. In order to help enterprises to prepare for the potential regulation challenges post Brexit, CIRS is to present this webinar to share countermeasure proposals on how to minimize the time and cost consumption.
Chemical Webinar

CIRS Webinar: How to Deal with the New Policy of Imported Non-special Use Cosmetics Filing?

Time : 12 December 2018
Location : China
Lang. : English,Chinese
Cost : 30 USD

This webinar aims to introduce the latest new policy of imported non-special use cosmetics filing. In combination with current management environment of Chinese cosmetics, CIRS Group will guide cosmetics enterprises how to deal with the new policy. The topics will cover:

  • Introduction of new policy for the record-keeping of imported non-special use cosmetics
  • Procedures and requirements of imported cosmetics record-keeping/registration
  • Comparison of new filing mode and traditional registration/pilot filing mode in free trade zones
  • The impact of new policy on cosmetics enterprises and solutions

If you are interested in China cosmetics market, this webinar will supply comprehensive, up-to-date, timely introduction and clarification of regulations to domestic and foreign cosmetics companies. Moreover professional advice on the change of regulation will be provided by CIRS Group so that the cosmetics companies are fully prepared.